Night One in Surfers

It must have been after 8pm when we rolled into Caville ave. we stepped off the scoots only to hear “hey, you, footsie. You can’t park zat piece of sheet here. “. Well hello Klaussie.
We split up and went off to find our respective digs. Massively hangry and disorientated, Richard and I walked east from our apartment in Mainbeach. Disappointed and distressed at the lack of places to eat we ended up in a cab back to Caville ave. to stuff down a pie face. Next day we discovered if we had headed west we wound have discovered an entire food district 500m from our digs.
In great rally tradition an informal quiet drink at one of the many “Irish” bars set the pace early and turned into a big big night.


Sunset in the hunter valley

Today was a biggie but I may be too knackered to go into detail.
Here we sit on the balcony of the historic Denman hotel guzzling cider while awaiting surf and turf.
Another early start with a ride through the high country to Oberon. The statisticians in the crew tell me that we reached 4460 ft. (a bees dick from Ben Nevis)
Tony’s clutch blew apart dramatically in Oberon. Within the hour we had him back on the road, new corks and a missing spring rivet (safely out of the engine).

Quote of the day. ” I never thought I’d see the day that I’d stand in the middle of the track at Bathurst with Welsh Chris and a jar of Vaseline “.


So you can guess by now that we did a lap of Bathurst. Coming down that hill is unbelievable. Quick photo shoot and a video (and some vas on the chapped lips) and we were off again on another leg. By the way the lambrettas came 1st and 2nd.

Still on a massive high from visiting the spiritual home of motor racing, We pushed on until Wattle Flat, where Billy decided that it was time to do something about his cracked exhaust bracket. Upon closer inspection the main bracket was broken and Required some serious roadside bodging. …. Then again at the next stop…. Then again when we arrived at denman.

Time was not on our side .. Nor is it now as my reef and beef has arrived so work the rest out. Call someone. Sunset, beauty yada yada.